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Mirror Trader

The Mirror Trader is a comprehensive trading platform, providing you with unique tools for trading by knowledge: Live signals, sentiments, market charts, oscillators and chart studies.

The Mirror Trader uses cutting edge technology to offer a user friendly trading experience, a wide set of innovative features and robust execution. In addition, the Mirror Trader gives you an edge by providing access to a knowledge database of a wide range of trading strategies.

The Mirror Trader introduces traders to the "Trade by Knowledge" concept:

Manual Trading

Mirror Trader

Execute trades using the Mirror Trader’s charting tools, indicators and chart studies.

Take advantage of the strategies signals and sentiments to support your trading decisions and open up new trading ideas.

Semi Automatic Mirroring

Mirror Trader

Active execution of signals, based on your judgment and understanding.

View all the strategies’ “buy” and “sell” signals in real time and choose the trades you want to mirror to your account.

Automatic Mirroring

Mirror Trader

Automatic real-time execution, based on your selected strategies.

Select strategies to your trading portfolio and the Mirror Trader will automatically execute their orders in your trading account.

Mirror Trader’s Advantages:

1. Manual trading Semi Automatic Mirroring and Automatic Mirroring in one platform

2. Benefit from experienced traders’ knowledge

3. Control and manage real-time signals generated by worldwide strategy developers

4. Back up your trading decision with market trends from strategies and users

5. Exclusive features such as: Live signals and strategies detailed analysis, as well as popular trading tools: charts, indicators, oscillators, rates and market sentiments

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