16:55 GMT+3 / 21.03.2023

Support your decisions with Premium Analytics’ updated AI features

Premium Analytics

Research and analysis are time consuming, so we’ve provided a powerful solution. We’ve gathered the key analytical tools to support your trading and investing decision making in one portal: Premium Analytics!

We’re excited to introduce updated features in our Premium Analytics portal to help you make informed decisions.

  • Gauge market sentiment with AI research powered by Acuity.
  • Read Dow Jones market news.
  • Validate your analysis with Trading Central technical signals.

Clear Analysis

When the pressure is on, wouldn’t it be a plus to see clear Technical Analysis presented in a user-friendly way? In the Premium Analytics Research Terminal, you will find just that.


Explore snapshots of the market direction, including when trends began and how long they lasted.

Premium Analytics

Featured Ideas

Find practical ways to interpret technical insights such as support and resistance trends or chart patterns.

Premium Analytics


Quickly grasp the current market sentiment with benchmarks showing the strength of volatility, bullish or bearish moods.

Premium Analytics

Open a Live Account Admiral Markets to get started with the full version of Premium Analytics or a Demo Account for the basic version.

14 November 2022
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